Make your dream come true. Choose between our elegant and refined formal dresses, long and short. Play of transparencies and precious details, a delicate combination of glamor and elegance. High fashion clothes that stand out for the quality of the fabrics and the tailoring cut that will make you feel like a princess.

Carla, you have entrusted us and we have assumed the responsibility and privilege of making you a SPECIAL BRIDE, with one goal, to return the TRUST that you have granted us. On the day of your wedding you wore a splendid Giuseppe Papini Bride of romantic lines, with light fabrics. Your dress with the wind is even more refined and impalpable and makes you shine with a magical light.

Hi Aurora, you have come of age and this is the moment that you have long awaited and desired. Many are the goals you have achieved thanks to this unforgettable date. The diploma, the license and the right to vote. These are certainly important stages in life but on this day you have above all become a woman who has a wonderful future ahead of her, full of great satisfaction.

The photos stop the most important and beautiful moments of our life, moments that we would never end. Today we thank Valentina and Vincenzo for joining our initiative and sending us photos of their wonderful wedding. We thank you for sending us the photos of your eighteenth and for choosing one of our dresses for your extraordinary party.

Have you been chosen as a wedding WITNESS at the wedding of your best friend or relative? Let's find out what your tasks are for this important day. Undoubtedly organize the bachelorette party, help her in the choices related to the favors, dress tests and anything else for which the bride needs support, supervise the VELO. Make sure that it is always in order. But above all, it is very important to choose a dress that matches the bride's.

In his thirty year, the atelier "has recovered the details of JESUS PEIRO with the return of the flowers, the volumes, the American neckline, the pointed necklines. All this with the fabrics that have always accompanied us: Chantilly lace , the lace, the piqué, the crepe, the mikado and the plumetis. All our history in a collection."