A name, a date and a history: Orazio Foti, 1962, which begins the bet for the realization of a great dream. The youth and enthusiasm of a young boy blend of the best tailors in Milan to give shape to what would have been a real adventure dropped elegance transferred driving this in the world of art. Orazio Foti, in beautiful and elegant Milano, receives many proposals from industry executives tailored for the launch of a business in northern Italy, but he, in love with his land, decided to bet everything on Calabria, or rather on their country Origin: Saline di Montebello Jonico.

In 1972 in this corner of the world, between the scent of jasmine and bergamot, cuts the ribbon of his company. Thus it was born Orazio Atelier synthesis of the great dream. Start-soaked years of work and satisfaction dropped entirely in the world of class and elegance while projecting, day after day, the foundations for a solid future. No improvisation but only so passionately full of taste, competence and professionalism: this is the engine of the success that has made man the manager known and respected in the fashion circles.

Orazio Foti while growing knows to balance high quality and attention to detail by putting in first place the focus on the customer who has to find the pleasure of wearing the right outfit at the right time. They flow so the years, like the collections and seasons while blooming new fashions. Tradition and innovation are traveling together not only in fashion but also in life and it is in essence that is the right balance to look critically at the past and the present in order to plan the future.

So in 2006 Orazio Foti, aware of the strength inherent in the experience and secure the force inherent in the enthusiasm of youth, he began a fruitful collaboration with his son Francesco, who always showed predisposition and passion in fashion. A mix that can give this to Orazio Atelier a touch of class and art in the fashion world that well interprets the evolution and constant change.

So while the colors vary from year to year and the colors range from soft pastels to strong, the passion towards work has always loved. Love and passion, inseparable accompanying two men who chose fashion as a tool to achieve their dreams. Two generations, therefore, running towards the same goal: to transfer the "flavor" of beauty to its customers through the discovery of taste who lives in things simple and elegant.