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The site takes reasonable steps to protect the personal information that you transmit and protects them from loss, misuse or access, circulation, alterations or non authorized destruction. Considers that no Internet transmission is ever completely secure or error-free, in particular, the email messages sent to or from this site may not be secure. In accordance with art. 10 Law 675/96 on privacy, personal data collected on this occasion will be used only for informational purposes. They will not be communicated / disclosed to third parties at any time you have the right to request cancellation.

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    Purposes and methods of data processing

    The company ORAZIO ATELIER Francesco Foti informs that personal data in its possession, collected directly from the individual, or third parties may be handled, even by third parties appointed responsible for:

    1) The fulfillment of the obligations required by laws, regulations and legislation, or provisions issued by authorities to do so by law and by Supervisory and control (for example, obligations under the money laundering legislation).
    The provision of personal data necessary for these purposes is mandatory and processing does not require the consent of those concerned.

    2) Purposes strictly connected and instrumental to managing relations with customers (eg. Acquisition of preliminary data at the conclusion of a contract, performance of operations on the basis of the obligations arising from the contract with the customer, verification and evaluation of the results and on ' trend reports, as well as on the risks attached to them, etc.).
    The provision of personal data necessary for these purposes is not mandatory, but the refusal to supply them may mean - in terms of the relationship between the data and the required service - the inability of the company ATELIER ORAZIO Francesco Foti to provide the service itself. Their treatment does not require the consent.

    3) Functional purpose to the business ORAZIO ATELIER Francesco Foti, such as:

    a) the promotion and sale of services of the company ATELIER ORAZIO Francesco Foti, made through letters, telephone, advertising, automated communications, etc.

    c) the preparation of studies and market research, carried out through personal or telephone interviews, questionnaires, etc.

    d) conducting public relations activities.
    The provision of data necessary for these purposes is not mandatory and their treatment requires the consent.
    The data is processed using manual, computer and electronic logic strictly related to the above and, in any case, to ensure the security and confidentiality of data.

    II) Sensitive Data
    The ORAZIO ATELIER Francesco Foti is sensitive data of its customers only to follow up with specific services and operations required by them. In such cases, the ORAZIO ATELIER Francesco Foti will give way to such transactions only if it has obtained the written consent of the person concerned applicant.

    III) Categories of persons to whom the information may be disclosed

    A) The ORAZIO ATELIER Francesco Foti can communicate, without requiring the consent of the person concerned, personal data in its possession to: 1) Those persons to whom this communication must be made in fulfillment of an obligation imposed by a law, regulation or legislation.

    B) The ORAZIO ATELIER Francesco Foti also can communicate with the consent of the person concerned, data about their customers to companies, entities or consortiums that carry out on behalf of external treatments:
    1) for the purposes of paragraph 2 of Section I;
    2) for the purposes of paragraph 3 of Section I.
    The detailed list of those to whom the data may be disclosed can be consulted at the premises of ORAZIO ATELIER Francesco Foti open to the public and on the website www.orazioatelier.it

    List of persons to whom the information may be disclosed.

    C) can be made aware of the data as being responsible for processing the natural and legal persons of the list in the next point V, and as being responsible about the data necessary to perform assigned duties, individuals belonging the following categories: employees of ORAZIO ATELIER Francesco Foti or detached from them; temporary workers; interns.

    IV) Rights of
    The law attributes specific rights, including that to know what its data available to the ORAZIO ATELIER Francesco Foti and how they are used, to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law and updating, correction or, if there is interest, integration of data and to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the treatment itself.
    The client also may at any time oppose the treatments for the sending of commercial and advertising material, direct sales or market research.

    V) Holder
    The data controller is the company ATELIER ORAZIO Francesco Foti.

    Images published

    The photos published on this site are taken in large part from the Internet through popular search engines and considered public domain. If you deem it violated copyrights of images published here, please contact ATELIER ORAZIO Francesco Foti at: orazioabbigliamento@alice.it - foti_francesco@alice.it to obtain the immediate removal.





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